Why Do Nestlé® Add Tongkat Ali To Coffee

There are a number of brands selling coffee that contain Tongkat Ali in various forms, even some fake brands sold by unscrupulous vendors that sell products they claim contain the root extract but actually contain only a very small amount if any at all. One of the more interesting brands on this list to sell it in beverage form is Nestlé. A world food and beverage powerhouse, and the largest food company in the world measured by revenues, it seems unusual that they would sell a product associated with male enhancement products and bodybuilding supplements.

NESCAFÉ® 3 in 1 Tongkat Ali & Ginseng is undoubtedly an authentic product containing real Tongkat Ali, but it does seem strange that they only limit its sales to a small number of countries when there seems to be international demand for the product. I recently contacted Nestlé® to ask why it was limited to such a small number of countries and not sold, for example, in the United Kingdom where there are significant sales of Tongkat Ali supplements including in the form of instant coffee.

There response was “Unfortunately we do not sell this product here in the UK. There is not enough demand for it in this country at the moment. We do a lot of research into our brands and have found that consumers’ tastes vary a great deal between different countries and cultures.”

It is sold in Malaysia (where it is produced), and also in the United Arab Emirates, but why does it end there? Malaysia clearly recognises the name Tongkat Ali so that would be an obvious choice as a marketplace in which to distribute it. It is popular there as a herb known for its sexual enhancing qualities and other associated health benefits.

Why for example is it not available in the United States? Tongkat Ali is widely recognised for its health giving properties, and there does seem to be plenty of demand for it. Sold in pills and other forms as a supplement, you would think coffee would be a preferable form of consumption for those who use it, especially in the body building community where it is used as a testosterone booster and muscle mass enhancer.

On the official NESCAFÉ® Arabia website they list the ingredients as being: Sugar, Creamer, Skimmed Milk Powder, Instant Coffee, Ginseng Root Extract, Tongkat Ali Root Extract. How much Tongkat Ali does it contain? Admittedly, they may not have a legal requirement to list the exact amount, although it will likely be listed in order of the quantity in which it exists. This would therefore suggest that it contains only a very small amount of Tongkat Ali!

This all raises a few questions, all of which may have a simple answer. Nestlé® can be expected to have done considerable research and analysis into Tongkat Ali as a health supplement so it does suggest that if you are buying Tongkat Ali based products from a reputable source, you can expect to achieve increased health and bodily functions, especially since it falls under the scope of NESCAFÉ® Body Partner range of products.

The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health recently reported that “Nestlé Malaysia® introduced in 2009 a Nescafé® Body Partner® coffee that contained collagen (a protein usually commercially derived from fish, cow, or pig).” After VRG made a request for information they were told by Consumer Services Executive Zalbiah Yaakub of Nestlé Malaysia® that “We are sorry to inform you that our Nescafé® Body Partner® products have been discontinued due to sales and marketing reasons. The collagen in Nescafé® Body Partner® products is from a fish source.”

The reasons behind the apparent lack of transparency behind the Body Partner range of products, and the discontinuation of them and other products may be down to business and profit reasons or as is the case with any big corporation, consumers are now more aware of what they are buying and want to know where it comes from. Perhaps Nescafé don’t want to be associated with Tongkat Ali or more controversial collagen?

Luckily, Tongkat Ali is available from other reputable suppliers and continues to be a top seller as a male enhancing alternative to Viagra and other synthetic libido enhancing drugs.

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